At Paris Optical, we provide the highest quality of optometric services available.  We have invested in the latest technology available because patients should not be excluded from great services simply because they don't want to live in a highly-populated area. 

Our diagnostic testing includes:  Zeiss High Definition Cirrus Ocular Coherence Tomographer, Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer, Zeiss Atlas Corneal Topography, Optos Daytona Non-mydriatic Fundus Camera (so that we may perform a retinal exam without dilating the patient), Nidek Autorefractor/Non-Contact Tonometer and Pachymeter.

In our quest for excellent patient care, we have partnered with RGB Eye Associates from Sherman!   RGB Eye Associates consist of three ophthalmologists: Andrew Bossen, MD, William Plauche, MD and Roy Lehmann, MD.  These three surgeons practice with only the latest technology available coupled with the latest knowledge that research can provide.

Dr. Bossen is available to see patients in Paris twice a month.  He is an extremely personable and talented ophthalmologist who takes as much time as required to fully explain his findings to patients in a way that they can understand.